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2018-04-24        撰稿人: 周帅


地点: 信工所第三研究室4303会议室


报告摘要Lattice based signatures are one of the most promising candidates for the post quantum cryptography. All known solutions essentially follow two frameworks: the Fiat-Shamir transform, and the hash-then-sign paradigm. In this talk we will briefly review two lattice based signature schemes, namely, pqNTRUSign and Falcon, that use the hash-then-sign methods, with GPV sampler and rejection sampling methods to seal the information leakage, respectively.

报告人简介Dr. Zhenfei Zhang obtained his Ph.D from university of Wollongong in 2014, after which, he joined Security Innovation Inc. as a cryptographic researcher. He is now the director of cryptographic research of OnBoard Security Inc. His main research is in lattice based cryptography, particularly in NTRU lattices. His publications appear in top journals and conferences such as IEEE Transaction of Computers and IACR PKC. He is also an active member of various standard bodies, such as IETF, ETSI and ISO. He contributes to standardization efforts of both theoretical post-quantum cryptographic algorithms and practical transition methods to the quantum era.


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